My Creative Journey

How It Started

As a child, one of my favorite past times was drawing and art. I knew from an early age that I wanted a creative career in the future. However in the midst of it all, I somehow chose a career in accounting instead. I soon realized that it was not for me, one of the biggest AHA! moments in my life!

Finding My Way

I knew I was a creative thinker, but I also had an analytical side. Therefore, a UX career that combined both of these aspects made the most sense to me. Through the projects that I have done for my UX bootcamp class, I realized I loved listening to how users think. Being able to empathize with the users to create the best digital solutions for them is a very fulfilling process.

Into the Future

Not only do I love designing websites and applications, but being able to use my front-end skills to bring prototypes to life has made me a stronger designer. If there is one thing that truly excites me throughout my UX journey, it's how can we design solutions that add value to their lives? This is a creative challenge that I am ready to tackle. Got one? Let’s get in touch!